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Would you take your cat camping?

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The other day I was walking around Petsmart and saw cat tie outs. Never seen a cat being tied out (although I considered getting a couple so my babies can roll with their dogs outside) so I googled for images. I clicked on the first image and it told a story about a camping cat.

Kona the camping cat
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would i take a cat, no i wouldn't it would scare an adult cat to be taken camping when it has never gone before. But if you had a kitten and you started taking it out and with tie outs and such then yes you could and once its an adult it has gone a 100 times and would probably enjoy it, if its the cats personality.
I would only take a cat that is nonchalant about new places and mostly unruffled when it comes to loud noises, new experiences, etc. Any high strung cat I would definitely leave out of a camping trip.

Taking an adult cat not used to camping would be tough. You would have to acclimate them to the leash/harness, then a zipline, then short trips, then longer ones, riding in the car, the outdoors, etc.

It's a hundred times easier if you started with them as a kitten. No reason you couldn't take the adult cat but I'd probably stick to trailers if your cat is an adult. I shudder to think of how much damage a frightened cat can do to a tent...
My cat is shy outside. We'd never gone camping with my cat.
IMO, no, my cat is so active that perhaps he might get loss if I take him to a camping. Unless if I will throw a camping at the backyard maybe i could take him.
I'd never take my cats camping! I'd never risk losing them
The short answer is no. Camp grounds are full of cats who have been lost and left.

The long answer is, camping or at home, cats should never EVER be tethered. Harness train a cat and walk with her, always hanging on to the leash, sure. Or, like I have done, harness train them, take them out in a fenced yard and let them move freely dragging their rope behind them.

But tethering a cat is extremely dangerous. A cat's first reaction to danger, whether real or simply perceived as such, is to flee. A tehered cat can't flee, and could become seriously injured trying.

And, if the danger IS real, such as a dog or wild animal or human who means the cat harm, the cat can't get away from it.

It really ticks me off that PetSmart, who claims to care about animals, would sell such things.
I don't think i'd ever take my 2 cats camping, but i do have little harnesses with bells for them and i take them out in the yard. They are 100% indoor cats other than when i go outside with them.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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