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Wounds on female mice from being cleaned?

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We are getting worried about a couple of our pet mice. We have 7 female mice that have all been together for almost a year and get along well most of the time. Recently, we've noticed that two have wounds on their upper backs and shoulders. We can't think of anything it could be from aside from another mouse being too rough when cleaning each other. We've never seen them fight. Should we be worried? They don't look infected at all.

Any input is appreciated! Thanks!
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could it be they have fleas and are scratching ?
Sounds like mites. You will need to treat them with either Revolution (for kittens/puppies/cats) or Ivermectin (even more carefully as it is so much more toxic than Revolution.

I made up an article on ectoparasites on rats but it would be the same for mice.'s+On+My+Rat?++(ectoparasites)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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