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Writing a Letter to A High School Principal About School Animal's Welfare!?

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Okay so sum of you may have gotten to read my other thread :

Do I have a Right to be Mad About This? by HomeworkCrazy
under Animal Welfare and Legal Issues

if you haven't already read thru it I would suggest you do so before answering to this
so me and my 3friends may like to go about writing a letter to the high school principal about the animal welfare at our school-3freshmen and 1Junior or Senior
we are going to write a letter explaining the good things they do for the animals they have, the big things that we suggest change for the animals to better benefit them, animal caresheets for the animals we presently have and had when i started school (rat, birds, leopard gecko, salamander)-they will be simple caresheets for each species and they will informative and hopefully interesting
i'm thinking about adding in this long letter about how the poor care of these animals effects students, teachers, and visitors along with students' self-confidence and imput on actual animal care
i would like to point out what happens to the animals on weekends and what may happen to them over the summer-i'm thinking about asking the 2animal science teachers a few questions about whether they think the animals they presently have are recieving accurate care and whether they actually think they need more care or whether they need more money or anything like that for animal care
i would also like to talk to them about taking animals to young kindergarten classes, pets are dropped and poorly handled by these young kids therefore proving neglect or even abuse if you want to get technical
i would also like to point out that if the teachers didn't want to rehouse some of the animals that we need to take 15-20mins out of 2animal classes with 3-5people so the animals recieve the food, water, cleaning, individual love that they deserve so they aren't neglected like they are now-me, myself, and i am currently providing all of this for them but am getting to the point where i will be unable to due to my job
we would like to suggest that the animals have ads placed to have new homes on farms or in houses where they be properly cared for and i'm thinking about even making a powerpoint to help further prove a point for the animals
we have about 16days until our schools' finals and then school we be out (that isn't counting weekends!)
can people help me pick out good subjects and such for the letter or do you think we need to involve more or what and i am willing to work hard on this along with my 3buddies and well we want this to be a life-changing letter for the animals so if you have any websites or would like to provide help or ANYTHING for this then give me a heads-up! HELP!
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what about printing off some sheets on general care of the animals you have like rabbits i think was one of them, and write to them how they need to be neutured and spayed. and why (which health reasons for example) and also say that as a group you guys feel that it is an unfit place to keep animals as they dont get the attention they need and point out for example how much time rabbits need out of there pen. food they need variety fruits veggies ect.
I can help with some of the care sheets! :) is basically the bunny care Bible. They have lots of great info on care, diet, socialization, ect.

For the leopard geckos, has a great caresheet for them. Wasn't one of the issues that they didn't have food for them? Maybe for a science project, some kids could start a mealworm or dubia roach colony. They are super easy to breed and maintain, and you would have a constant source of free food for the lizards.

Maybe kids can get some extra credit for caring for the animals? Or they could always scoop poop instead of detention, LOL.
Did you post the same thing on a betta forum by any chance??
Invite someone from the SPCA to come take a look at the place to see about proper care and set ups.
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