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Yesterday's News?

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I posted this in the general rodents section and while I did get one helpful response I'm looking for multiple opinions so i'm going to re post it here...

I've owned my rats for almost two years now and I've always used Carefresh for their bedding but since joining Paw-Talk I've heard a lot of rodent owners saying they use Yesterday's News.

I looked for it last time I was at Petsmart and I couldn't find it in the small animal's section. I assume it's used primarily for something else but I didn't have time to ask anyone about it before they closed.

My question is this: What is Yesterdays News? Where do I find it? How well does it work for odor control and does it make good bedding? (My rats are not litter trained so it would have to go all over the bottom of their cage.)

My biggest problem is that the bedding under their water bottle gets matted and sticks to the bottom of the cage and it's hard to clean out, does Yesterday's News have the same problem?
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I use the Mews print too. It covers the entire bottom of the cage, and it's great for odor control, and seems to be fine on their feet although they don't really spend much time down there anyway. I had no idea it was softer then YN just got it cause my nearest pet store had it. I like it because it's cleaner then aspen, which tended to get quite dusty and spread everywhere. I think it's a great product!
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