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Your Paranormal Pics by Toky-Ohki = ^ _ ^ =

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A Post by I Lovesmepets prompted me to open up this paranormal topic for Boo I scared you reasons.

I just recieved this picture from Sophie today,spooky things talk of the devil, this is a cropped picture and shows an Orb, a manifestation of of a spirit at a Christmas party 2004.

In the origional picture there were three orbs, this is the largest and best and there was another the same size but dimmer and also a smaller orb.

So any Paranormal or Haunted house pics show them here

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actually i thought that about the leaves too! :) i was like- wow floating leaves. lol
Great pics everyone! :thumbsup: This is my ghostliest pic. :D

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That is a very convincing orb indeed however small it is , but there is the small posibility itcould be dust.

Now I can see why you are called the seeker of orbs , your guinea pig could be sensative to this kind of thing.

Guinea pig Medium


You never know
:coffee2: good morning,

Funny I should stumble upon this thread...Elvis's birthday was Sunday. We took a bunch of pics & in this one there is an orb. I took the pic & I did not see it in the viewfinder when the pic was taken.

what do you think??

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Ohhh Bridget - I think it looks like a jelly fish, lol.
= ^ . ^ =

Oooh Err , thats a strange little thing , it looks rather like the light anomeles that someone too a picture of several pages back while in there Camper van.

It's the same shape , it could be a reflection of light on the camera's lens , the odd shape being the apature or what ever it's called.

What ever it is you caught it as it was moving , thats my guess.

There is a chance it is and orb.

= ^ _ ^ =

go back several pages there are some very good shots full of spooky things and orbs there that you can quote.
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hahahaha!!! i live in SAvannah geogia the second most haunted city in america apperently I saw something in the cemetary, i kid you not... how exciting!!!
Toky-Ohki said:
That is a very convincing orb indeed however small it is , but there is the small posibility itcould be dust.

Now I can see why you are called the seeker of orbs , your guinea pig could be sensative to this kind of thing.

Guinea pig Medium


You never know

"guinea pig whisperer" hehe...

i'm always catching orbs. weird.
It *could be* dust or something in his cage tho, true..
Now that i think of it, i don't recall getting orbs before the pigs weird!....

Trickiesmurf, what was in the cemetary?
= ^ _ ^ =

Now that is too much , Guinea pigs creating orbs ?

Maybe it to do with the movement of their hair , maybe it's generating some kind of energy , like static or another posative or negative charged energy that only the digital camera can see.

Or maybe it is purely paranormal , someone may be watching over your guinea pigs , or maybe one of you piggies is psychic but cant tell you.

= ^ _ ^ =

Or maybe it's just dust..

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i saw a figure in it i think i dont know my mind might have been playing tricks on me, but the light started flickering on and off when i walked by it. OH but last night a few friends and I went to an irish pub. THEN I was looking in them and ther is loads of orbs! i mean loads! most of the pictures have them! I got all excited lol.
can you put any pics on here with orbs?
thats cool.

I went to a local battlefield and it was really interesting, and then we went to the adjoining cemetery and took abunch of came back with an orb.

I can't believe I didn't see this thread's at 7 pages already! I definately believe in ghosts and orbs and stuff. I have a pretty neat/creepy pic of my degus in our sunroom.


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hey, that's pretty neat! at first i thought it was from long time exposure, but then noticed the orbs and lite bars.

just me and my orbs. ;)

from a battlefield cemetery-

from a haunted walking tour-

at a music store. the house the orb is by on the left they says is VERY haunted and people buy it, but nobody stays long.
good enough for me. :spitlol:

looks like it's in motion

a bit enhanced-

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I don't have any pictures but in my house we have a ghost German shepard dog.

I found him when I was walking buy a room, and I saw an outline of a dog...I didnt have a dog at the time. so I didnt say anyhing and then about a week later I saw him again, Then I told my nana, shes like a witch typa thing..she can sence when bad things are happening and so on. Well once I told her she said, yea I knwo I see him all the time. Well this gene runs in the family..I was unaware of it untill I saw the dog.

Well it turns out last year my dad ran into the people who owned the house becfore us..this person and my dad were talking and there was a man that died in the downstairs bedroom and my dad asked if he had a dog, and this person(i dont know if it was a male or female) said yes, and my dads like was it a German Shepard? and this person said yes howd you know, hes like my daughter said she saw one. Remind you i was 11 when I first saw him, I named him shep, My nana said hes protecting our house. Im 18 now, I still see him accosionaly. but not to often.

Just thought Id share, Its not really the same thing as what you were all talking about but along the same lines.
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wow, thats cool
That is unusual , the posibility of a animal haunting.

A German Shepheard ghost story , thanks for sharing.

= ^ _ ^ =

Any other stories or strange noises just howl.
It's been a while since I posted anything up on this thread , for the simple reason my camera does'nt usualy pic this kind of thing up.

This picture is very similar to the one in the Watercooler , Picture thread , only this one seems to have a lot more Orb activity.

just like the Februarary 2006 Vauxhall meet at Westerham in Kent it was raining at the time , so I am sceptical and it is most likely fine rain caught , but who knows.

but the brighter light lower down in the stones does interest me , that looks more interesting , either that it was a flash off the side of a stone.
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my dad took this picture

and i took this one. (they weren't ready yet. mwuah....)

we count at least 5 in his pic and 4 in mine. its odd the ones in his are more ''solid'' white.

It was in a very dry hall in opryland hotel in nashville. anyone know anything about it being haunted?
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