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Yuki And Apollo

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New pictures of my boys :D

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Aww.. How old are they? Do they let you hold them? Those are rats right? Very cute little guys..
Do you know if there is much of a difference between rats and mice as far as being a pet is concerned? I dont know if you saw my post but my lirrle mouse/rat just died today... she was youmg and it broke my hart. I would like to get a pair in the near future.. but would like to know if i should get mice or rats.. what do you think?
Thanks for the info...

And of course I would never get an animal and leave it in a cage! The reason I want a rat/mouse is to love him/her.. give her afferction, play...

I have learned a lot about the differences between the two just reading posts here... 2 weeks ago i knew nothing...

Type at ya soon..

Its ok I just forgot to point out who was who :)

and thanks I love them bunches :) such sweeties but so different. Hopefully more pictures soon

I see you have a cat too.. does your cat and rats interact with each other at all?

Got ya... Since you have had her since such a young age.. I guess she sees the rats as family.. not the enemy. Thats good. Keep an eye on them tho.. I would hate to see something bad happen to any of your furry friends.
1 - 5 of 21 Posts
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