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Yuki And Apollo

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New pictures of my boys :D

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What sweeties! I love that picture of Apollo in front of the spoon..looks like he is smiling! James, there were several posts with answers to your questions about rats and mice. Don't know if you have seen those yet? Rats are sooo sweet and affectionate. You would be blown away how quickly they can steal your heart. They LOVE to be loved by their people and they give so much love back. But they do need to get lots of free play outside of their housing on a daily cannot just leave them in their housing and not take them out. They crave outside time and exercise and love with you. I used to take my two boy rats out several times a day for free play time on top of our bed or on the couch and they would run around, stretch their legs and play.
Doh! You are right, it was Yuki making that sweet happy smile face in front of the spoon of num nums. What a lil cupcake! Soooo cute your two kids!
Great! I just saw your new post about getting a play room set up for the babies, awesome! Rats DO love their free play time eh! They will have such a ball. :)
I am glad you love them bunches! Such sweethearts! And yes, it is so interesting how rats always have such individual personalities. They are lovable in their own special ways. There always seems to be a rebel or an outgoing and silly one and a quiet or a shy one. My two rat boys were like that. Our Russian Blue, Klausse, was sooo sweet and gentle and just loved to be loved. He was our special kissy boy. His brother Wolfgang, the brown agouti, was the little spunky one, full of curiousity and with a smart-aleck bratty type attitude, but also loved his Mommy (me!). So yes, it is great to see their personalities come out. :D
1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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