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Zylca's Pack

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Here are some updated pics of my herd.

How they change so fast! I can almost see Harley's adult face coming through.

Noah has been a bit camera shy the last couple of week.

Jellybean celebrated her 14th birthday this weekend. We had cupcakes for her. ;)
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I also never mention the cat.

This is Little Bits. She never sticks around for a camera.

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You should share more pictures!
Here are a few more from the .25 inch blizzard we had that lasted a whole 5 hours on the ground. :p

Harley isn't ready to face the fact that he could have a drug problem.

My handsome Noah.

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All my dogs stay in the house most of the time. Noah does likes to claim a cool spot in the yard to keeps an eye on things. When we are gone he will sit on the couch watching out the window cat napping. Harley is just now starting to bark at the environment and earning his security badge.

I was worried when I first got the breed that not having a "job" for them would be a less than an ideal situation. I was given info that many of the livestock guardian dogs are treated more like livestock than a family pet. As I write this Noah is letting us know about an invasion of squirrels or something. So, he has taken up a job of sorts. They seem to be well adjusted canines in suburbia.

I do have to admit that when I finally looked at my ceiling fan blades I was grossed out. I often wondered why I wasn't finding any fur on the floor... I know where to find it all now.
Here are a couple videos of Noah doing his tricks.

Bow and settle

Halloween 2010
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